What is this service? I provide email distribution lists of real estate agents in the US by county. If you have any product that is real estate (RE) related you can use the service. Use a home for sale for example. An agent can use the service to send a for sale home flyer (or say: Open House, Broker Tour, For Sale, Home Inspection, Landscaping, Just Sold, Marketing Stats, Termite Inspections, Lender flyers, Luxury Properties, Roof Inspections, Relocation Referrals, Painting Newsletters, etc…) I charge a flat fee of $39.99 regardless of where you send the flyer; and I give you a minimum send of 10k. now this is where I set myself apart. If your county (or even state) does not have 10k agents available I will allow you to be able to add more! Up to 10k for only $39.99. once you pass the 10k mark any other county added will be an additional $39.99. You will also get a copy in a PDF (in a download) for no additional charge.